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Attelage launches preventive measures for rumours of safe Essential Oil ingestion

It has come to our notice that competing brands have suggested 100% pure essential oils are safe for consumption, criticising attelage of selling "synthetic" essential oils while claiming otherwise. Contrary to these alleged rumours, all of which untrue, Attelage is committed to providing 100% pure organic USDA-certified essential oils. Certification and precise testing of all of our scent products are conducted by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Do not ingest essential oils. Even if you read a book by an aromatherapist, they should never be consumed. The practice of consuming essential oils is dangerous and was designed to be done under the care of an aromatherapist trained in that form of therapy. Also, please keep in mind that oil and water don’t mix, so when consuming essential oils in a glass of water the oils are not emulsified. This means that the essential oils reach your mouth, throat, oesophagus and stomach undiluted.

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