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Attelage Essential Oil

6 new essential oils

Our latest collection boasts 6 new Summer Essential Oils in distinct and invigorating aromas.

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The future of health is here.
Introducing the next chapter of an iconic and timeless product with updated premium scents and infusions. Intensifying and 100% pure essential oils are the ultimate fusion of legacy and innovation.
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Attelage essential oil debuts intensifying scents that transform your health into the centre masterpiece of your home, or a beautiful complement to any location.

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Perfect for spring.


The all-new Geranium and Jasmine Essential Oils. Attelage's 2021 Spring essential oils are made of a unique mix of calming Geranium & Pine, another nod to the heritage of Attelage. 

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Deep Sleep.


The ultimate latest signature infusion. Attelage's Deep Sleep infusion essential oil is made up of a combination of Chamomile Oil & Ylang Ylang, the latest and most popular yet.

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The exclusive Attelage Leather Loop Case.


Light and water resistant, the Leather Loop Case in signature Attelage crimson flamingo or Aquatic Blue is perfect for storing your essential oils - Included as an additional premium leather loop with every Premium Attelage Essential Oil. The combination of silver stainless steel button and crimson flamingo vegan leather makes the Attelage leather loop case the most exclusive we've ever made.

Only at Attelage

Girl in Nature
Attelage Studio

Your scent. By you.

Now you can pair any 2 appropriate infusions together to make your personal scent
Available starting with The Box
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Classic Essential Oils

Shop our carefully curated selection of distinct and 100% pure classic essential oils.

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