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Attelage Tea
New infusions. New breaths of new benefits.

When it comes to staying fit, a single unique infusion made for you can radically recompose your body. With our all new Attelage Studio, you have the power to create your own blends catered to your personal needs. From digestion relief to weight loss, our all-new specialty blends pay obeisance to the rich culture of Attelage.

Health for the win.

Robust in every sense.

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Added amplification. Immeasurable Purity. Our entire collection of teas are made from 100% organic tea leaves, free from harmful chemicals commonly found in tea, such as: Mercury, lead, arsenic, and cadmium

Image by Bhupesh Talwar

Signature Lion Rose Pu'er


The classic Attelage tea infusion. Attelage's Signature Lion Rose Pu'er Tea is made up of an urbane mix of calming Pu'er & Rose, an obvious nod to the heritage of Attelage. 

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Signature Chamomile


The ultimate tea infusion. Attelage's Chamomile infusion is simply calming and 100% organic, the latest and most popular yet.

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The exclusive Attelage

Steel Tea Pot.


Polished and durable, the exclusive Attelage Steel Tea Pot in signature Attelage graphite is perfect for brewing your teas - Included as an additional premium accessory with every Premium Attelage Tea blend. The combination of glossy silver stainless steel on the exterior and matte grey on the interior makes the Attelage Steel Tea Pot the most exclusive tea accessory we've ever made.

Only at Attelage

Image by Marc Zimmer
Attelage Studio

Your blend. By you.

Now you can pair any 2 appropriate tea leaves together to make your personal infusion.
Coming soon
Tea Anchor
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