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Mountains Meet Lake

There are so many reasons to switch to attelage.

Stunning and invigorating scents. 100% organic USDA cruelty-free essential oils, teas and diffusers. Incredible scent life. And attelage only makes products that are for the greater good, for you.

The intimacy and transparency is what sets us apart  — many of your favourite scents are available from the get go and more. It’s all better for you than you think.

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The world's most popular collection of 100% pure, organic USDA-certified scents

Attelage has the world's most unique collection of scents, including classic favourites.  Our entire collection of essential oils are USDA-certified, organic and cruelty-free from the get go.

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It's all for the greater good. We make products safe for you, easy for you and best for your needs.

Attelage essential oils are designed to protect you. They are never recommended for ingestion or application directly onto the skin. And there's a simple reason for that - they're not meant to be ingested nor applied directly on your skin.

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Everything is made easier with our subscription boxes and every custom-box is just a tap away

Whether you want to know more about switching or get a custom Attelage The Box, we have real people ready to help. You can call a Specialist, chat online, visit an Attelage express point or connect with us via the Attelage iMessage or WhatsApp support.

Make a switch

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